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Chinese Poker (auch bekannt als Russian Poker) ist eine Variante des Kartenspiels Poker. Jeder Spieler erhält 13 Karten eines Karten-Decks. Chinese Poker ist eine Variante des Kartenspiels Poker. Jeder Spieler erhält 13 Karten eines Karten-Decks. Typischerweise wird das Spiel mit vier Spielern gespielt, kann aber auch mit zwei oder drei Spielern gespielt werden. Das Ziel bei OFC ist dasselbe wie beim normalen Chinese Poker. Jeder Spieler muss drei Pokerhände bilden. Zwei Hände bestehen aus fünf. Allen Pokerfans, die zumindest gelegentlich eine willkommene Abwechslung zu No-Limit Hold'em oder Pot-Limit Omaha suchen, steht mit Open Face Chinese. Open Face Chinese Poker: Wie funktioniert das Spiel und was ist so besonders daran? Wir haben die Regeln von Open Face Chinese.

Chinese Poker

Allen Pokerfans, die zumindest gelegentlich eine willkommene Abwechslung zu No-Limit Hold'em oder Pot-Limit Omaha suchen, steht mit Open Face Chinese. Open Face Chinese Poker: Wie funktioniert das Spiel und was ist so besonders daran? Wir haben die Regeln von Open Face Chinese. Chinese Poker ist eine Variante des Kartenspiels Poker. Jeder Spieler erhält 13 Karten eines Karten-Decks. Typischerweise wird das Spiel mit vier Spielern gespielt, kann aber auch mit zwei oder drei Spielern gespielt werden.

In the 1—6 method, Bob would pay Amy one unit; again Amy receives two points for winning front and back and loses one for losing middle, but they do not receive any bonus units.

Royalties, or bonuses as they are sometimes called, are extra units that may be awarded to players with particularly strong hands. Naturals are special types of royalties where if dealt to a player, the player is rewarded immediately prior to anyone surrendering , and the player does not set their hand:.

Players with the stronger natural wins and takes the bonus. If two players have six pair the player with the highest six pair wins otherwise it is a tie and no bonus is awarded.

With flushes and straights the player with the highest back hand wins if that ties then the middle hand is compared.

If that also ties then the front is compared. In some variants all royalties are worth the same amount e. In other variants each royalty is given a different payout e.

Normally only the winner may be awarded a royalty e. In some games players are allowed to break up straight flushes or four of a kinds and still receive royalties e.

Some rules say that players are only allowed to claim one royalty per hand. The standard royalties point structure is listed below. While the royalty structure varies from game to game, the most common agreed-upon royalty structure is as follows:.

If a player chooses to surrender their hand, they will pay an amount greater than the amount paid when losing 2 out of 3 hands, but less than the amount paid when getting scooped losing all three hands.

When surrendered, a player is not required to pay any royalties to their opponents. In some variations surrendering is not an option. If a player mis-sets their hand e.

In some variations players are still required to play their hands. Chinese Poker was played at the [1] and the World Series of Poker.

In this variation the players are dealt five cards in the beginning. These cards are arranged faceup on the table to the back, middle, and front hands.

The cards cannot be rearranged later. Then the players receive a single card at a time for the remaining 8 cards. Three straights : the back and middle hands are five card straights and the front hand is a three card straight i.

If two players have three straights, compare the highest back straights first, then if these are equal the middle straights, and finally, if all else is equal, the front straight.

Three flushes : the back and middle hands are flushes, and the front hand is a three-card flush three cards of one suit. If two players have this, the player with the better back hand wins; if tied the better middle hand; if those are also tied, the better front hand.

Complete straight : the hand has one card of each rank: AJ-Q-K. Suits can be mixed. If two players have this, they are tied.

Win 13 units. Variations There seem to be numerous variations in the way the payments are organised. Playing against the house One player, probably the dealer, is the house bank, casino.

The other players compare their hands with the house, but not with each other, and pay or receive accordingly. When an individual hand is tied, the house wins it.

Extra payment for sweep Some play that a player who wins all three hands against another player is paid an extra 1 unit or sometimes 3 units for a sweep.

Higher payment in the middle Some play that winning with four of a kind or a straight flush in the middle is worth an extra point, so 5 in the middle or 4 at the back for quads and 6 in the middle or 5 at the back for a straight flush.

The overall point Some play that between each pair of players, the net winner wins one additional unit - the overall point.

This makes it more important to try to win two hands out of three whenever possible. If playing with extra payments for straight flush, quads, etc.

Single winner Anthony Horsley Sr reports a version of Pusoy played in the Philippines in which apparently there is just one winner of each deal.

In order to win, you have to beat each of the other players on at least two out of three hands. Presumably if no one achieves this, no one wins.

Extra payments counted for losing hands Some play that instead of the increased payments for certain types of winning hand, the following extra payments count, irrespective of whether the hand in question wins or loses: Three of a kind in the front hand: 2 extra units Full house in the middle hand: 1 extra unit Four of a kind in the back or middle hand: 3 extra units Straight or royal flush in the back or middle hand: 4 extra units This variation is often combined with the overall point variation above.

Surrender Some play that a player with a poor hand can surrender before the hands are exposed. If you surrender, you pay each of the other players as though you had lost two out of three hands - one unit each, or two units each if you play the version with the overall point.

If playing with a banker, then of course a surrendering player just pays the banker, and a surrendering banker pays each of the players.

Winning from a pool Some play that each player contributes 3 units to a pool before the deal. Instead of comparing the hands between pairs of players, whichever of the four players has the best front hand collects 4 units, the player with the best middle hand collects 4 units, and the player with the best back hand collects 4 units.

Some play that if one player wins all three hands, the collect the whole pool and each of the other players has to pay them an additional 3 units.

No pictures I have been told that some people regard a hand containing no pictures as a special hand giving an automatic win, but I don't know how many units it is worth or how it ranks with respect to the other special hands.

Dobree describes a version of Sap Sam Cheung in which three players play against the bank. The bank wins ties on individual hands as usual.

The scores for special hands are: Three straights: 3 units Three flushes: 3 units Six pairs: 3 units Five pairs and one triplet: 6 units Complete straight A to K with mixed suits: 13 units; if all 13 cards are of one suit: 26 units.

I am told that in some places there is the tradition that if anyone is dealt a complete suit of 13 cards, all those present, including both players and non-players who may be watching the game, have to empty their pockets and give all their money to the winner.

Singapore Version Alan Ho describes a version played in Singapore. The special card hands are known as Claims. Six and a half pairs, three straights, or three flushes each worth 3 units as usual.

There is an additional hand called " small cards" , in which all 13 cards must be in the range 2 to 9 or according to some players 2 to 10 : this also wins 3 units from each opponent.

If two of these 3-point special hands come up against each other, neither player pays the other. However a Dragon beats any other hand and is paid the full 13 or 26 units.

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Play the game against the computer, and keep tabs on your score. This version of Chinese Poker has an element of Russian Poker included; your top cards must be smaller than your middle cards, and your middle cards must be smaller than your bottom card.

Players are dealt with 13 cards; they must form a poker with 3 cards on top largest hand 3 of a kind , 5 middle and 5 at the bottom.

If the player has a bigger hand in two out of three rows he win the game. What do you need to know about free software?

Publisher's Description. User Reviews. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Pros only pro about it is you cant find many free 13 card downloads pan, chinese poker, lap lap depends on what country your from.

Cons first, you cant arrange the cards on bottom.

Gibt es in einer Hand ein Unentschieden, wird für diese Hand kein Punkt vergeben. Wieder beginnt der Spieler zur Linken des Buttons, indem er seine Karte auslegt, und wieder geht es so bis zum Button weiter. Sollte diese Punktevergabe Werbung Auf Auto Verdienst ein spezielles Spiel geändert werden, dann Stairway To Heaven Live Sie die gültige Tabelle in der Lobby. Andernfalls ist die Hand ungültig und die anderen Spieler erhalten jeweils 6 Punkte Jackpotcitycasino den Scoop natürlich nur, wenn sie selbst gültige Hände haben. Der Spieler kann die Karten dabei beliebig anordnen - alle fünf ganz unten, zwei unten und drei in der Mitte, eine oben, eine in der Mitte und drei unten etc. Der einfachste Weg, dass Spiel zu erlernen ist es Magic Kartenwert spielen. Chinese Poker

Chinese Poker Video

Pineapple OFC Play-by-play #6: 64% to make FL! (34:19) Die Beste Spielothek in Mover finden ist wirklich gelungen und so ist es auch keine Wunder, dass die App eine der beliebtesten im Play Store ist. Es gibt keine gute Strategie Verblüffend ist, dass bislang noch niemand alle Kombinationen des Open Face Chinese entschlüsseln konnte. Spieler C gewinnt 6 Punkte gegen Spieler B. Für den Moment reicht es, zu wissen, dass es der schlechtestmögliche Spielausgang für Sie ist. Es gibt viele Seiten mit Informationen und Blogs. Nach der Reihe machen die anderen Spieler GlГјckliches HГ¤ndchen das Gleiche, der Geber als letzter. Die Hände werden miteinander verglichen und Punkte verteilt. Balanziere die Macht deiner Reihen. Wenn mit Tischeinsätzen gespielt wird, dann müssen die Gewinne in einer ganz genauen Reihenfolge ausgezahlt werden. Stattdessen einigt man sich vor dem Spiel auf einen bestimmten Betrag pro Punkt.

This means it is possible to make an illegal hand. This variation originates from Finland. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The term "Chinese poker" is commonly used to refer to a different card game, Big Two. The term may also refer to a Vietnamese card game, Thirteen card game.

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Chinese Poker: A Comprehensive Guide. Find out what else makes this card game special. Poker World. Chinese Poker Rules Because each player will be receiving 13 cards at the beginning of each round of gameplay, the maximum number is 4.

Surrendering : This rule is optional but usually played that should be decided upon amongst players before gameplay begins. Fortunately, though, they also do not pay royalties discussed later , if there are any for that round.

Players should decide beforehand if the mis-set player will still be required to play their hands as usual and score them accordingly, or if their hand will be forfeited and the penalty of paying 3 units to each player will suffice for the mis-set hand.

The back hand should be the hand closet to them strongest-hand, 5 cards , followed by the middle in front of that, and the front 3 card-hand , lined up furthest away from the player.

See diagram below. Are You Playing Your Hand? Players then announce in turn if they will play their hand, starting with the player to the left of the dealer.

Therefore, the 3-card hand can either make: Three-of-a-kind; One-pair with a kicker ; or A high-card hand. In other versions, this bonus unit is only awarded if a player wins all 3 hands.

However, no bonus points are awarded if a player only wins 2 of the 3 hands. Chinese Poker Points: Interesting Things to Note It should be noted how in this poker format, you can have the second-best hand and still win some money because your hand is still ahead of some of the other players.

This aspect is another unique part of gameplay versus that of other traditional forms of poker. It should be noted that naturals are awarded before anyone can surrender, and also that the player will not play their hand.

Play can continue for the hand between remaining players, if desired. Here, players start with only 5 of their ultimate 13 cards, and beginning with the player to the left of the dealer place these 5 cards face-up to start forming their three different hands.

To stay in Fantasy Land for the next hand, players must then make any one of the following: Trips in their front hand; A full house or better in their middle hand; or Quads or better in their back hand.

Criss Cross : This format is a heads-up 2-player twist on the classic version of Chinese Poker. Here, players are each dealt 2 hands of 13 cards, and each hand goes head-to-head with the corresponding one across the table.

It should be mentioned that players cannot exchange cards between their two originally dealt 13 card hands! Pay attention to those removed cards so that you can better calculate your outs and odds accordingly.

It still carries great importance and can help shift your losing sessions into winning ones, if you keep focusing on how you can arrange your cards the best all-around, including your front hand.

Especially when accounting for the possibilities of royalties; imagine if someone binks that royal flush and how much money you could be out, regardless of how well or brilliantly you play or arrange your own hands from round to round!

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Same here.

Wir verwenden Cookies, um Inhalte zu personalisieren und die Zugriffe auf unsere Website zu analysieren. Der Reihe nach legen sie die Karten irgendwo auf dem Board ab, wo Platz ist. Wenn du Cookies nicht Beste Spielothek in Lichtenhorst finden möchtest, kannst du sie in deinen Browser-Einstellungen deaktivieren. Sobald ein Spieler alle Karten positioniert hat und die Runde beendet ist, darf die Position der Karten innerhalb der Bottom, Middle oder Top Hands nicht mehr verändert werden. Ihre Nachricht muss noch freigeschaltet werden. Das Pokerglossar macht Sie mit den Fach- begriffen vertraut und führt Sie ein in die Lotto Lotto 6 Aus 49 ein. Chinese Poker wird um Punkte gespielt, welche auf einem Zettel notiert werden können. Die lockere Spielform zwingt einen jedoch zum Nachdenken, Kalkulieren und Kombinieren, um die uns beobachtenden Gegenspieler zu bezwingen. Hat er dies getan, erhält der zweite Beste TenniГџpieler seine Karten etc. Der Spieler kann die Karten nach Belieben anordnen und verdeckt auslegen. Saarland Klinik Spielsucht finden Sie Antworten auf all Ihre Fragen. PartyPoker Review Bewertung: 9. Chinese Poker wird um Punkte gespielt, welche auf einem Zettel notiert werden können. Dabei entspricht jeder Punkt einem bestimmten Geldbetrag. Gespielt. Chinese Poker ist eine unterhaltsame Poker-Variante, die in der jüngeren Vergangenheit enormen Zulauf erfahren hat. Mitte der er Jahre. Open Face Chinese Poker. Diese Beschreibung beruht auf Informationen von Dave Holdsworth. Einleitung; Spieler und Karten; Anordnung der Karten. Haben Sie schon von Chinese Poker gehört? Chinese Poker wurde als eine Bracelet-Veranstaltung bei der WSOP eingeführt und ist. Pineapple Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC) ist eine Chinese Poker Variation bei der die Spieler in allen Runden, mit Ausnahme der ersten, jeweils drei.

Chinese Poker Video

Jennifer Shahade, Jason Mercier and Marek Kolk Play at the Tonybet Poker OFC World Championship Chinese Poker For winning with particular hands in particular positions there are additional payments as follows: Straight flush : 5 units at the back; 10 units in the middle Four of a kind : 4 units at the back; 8 units in the middle Full house : 2 units in the middle Three Beste Spielothek in Lichtenhorst finden a kind : 3 units at the front A player who surrenders pays 3 units to each opponent. Invite your friends and reap rewards! Chinese Poker Sites. Because each player will be receiving 13 cards at the beginning of each round of gameplay, the maximum number is 4. The scene is simply much too restrictive for you to be able to indulge in your favorite game freely, even compared to other neighboring countries where Beste Spielothek in Gernach finden is illegal. To stay in Fantasy Land for the next hand, players must then make any one of the following: Trips in their front hand; A full Beste Spielothek in Selb finden or better in their middle Modern Gaming Ts or Quads or better in their back hand. Top Menu. Serios all adds up to a first encounter with Chinese poker that can turn into hours of engrossing gameplay.

Chinese Poker Einleitung

Balanziere die Macht deiner Reihen. Chinese Poker ist mehr als eine nette Abwechslung. Wie auch beim normalen Spiel wird beim Chinese Poker versucht aus den gegebenen Karten die bestmögliche Hand zu machen, während die Wettbewerber das gleiche tun. Für jeden Spieler besteht das Spielziel darin, in einem Apple Verifizierung sein bestes Hinterblatt von 5 Karten, Mittelblatt von 5 Karten und Vorderblatt von 3 Karten Globalplayer allen seinen 13 Karten zu bilden. Beim Open-Face Chinese Poker sieht das allerdings anders Beste Spielothek in Nordend finden. Open-Face-Chinese kann mit zwei bis vier Spielern gespielt werden. Datenschutzerklärung Akzeptieren. Wir bringen Ihnen bei, wie Sie Chinese Poker spielen.


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