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Viele Fotos machen einen Fake - Eindruck. Als Mann (hetero), der Kontakt zu Frauen sucht, bekommt man Profile von Männern - mehrfach - angeboten. Die. Der Grund, warum es so viele Fake-Profile auf C-Date gibt, ist die Tatsache, dass Frauen den Service komplett kostenlos nutzen können. Dies lockt dann viele. Was Fakes angeht: Vorsicht vor Mitgliedern, die ein entsprechendes Abenteuer gegen Geld anbieten. C-Date warnt selbst vor solch unseriösen Angeboten. Auch auf C-date schwirren einige Fake-Profile herum. Wer die Augen offen hält, ist allerdings außer Gefahr. So erkennt man ein Fake-Profil. Tipp. Gibt es auf C-Date Fakeprofile? Unser C-Date Test zeigt, dass auf der Casual-​Dating-Plattform viele Fake-Profile ihr Unwesen treiben. Einige weibliche Fakes sind.

Cdate Fake

Aber was der Singlefrau auf dem Dating-Portal C-Date geboten wird, C-Date steht für "Casual Dating" – hier wird also gar nicht erst so US-Behörde klagt gegen Tinder-Betreiber: Nutzer mit Fake-Profilen in Abos gelockt? Was Fakes angeht: Vorsicht vor Mitgliedern, die ein entsprechendes Abenteuer gegen Geld anbieten. C-Date warnt selbst vor solch unseriösen Angeboten. Immer noch ein absolut meidenswerter Laden. Bitte lass die Finger davon! Die warscheinlichkeit einfach im Supermarkt eine Frau anzusprechen und das sich.

Therefore, one should always be careful with whom you are doing it on the Internet. Through the chat feature a so-called Fake can be exposed quickly, therefore, at this point of the chat emphasized that enables faster communication.

What Fakes terms: Beware of members that offer an appropriate adventure against money. C-date displays even before such dubious offers.

Report this profile best directly! Here it might be to fraud on the part of fakes third-party. If you want to use the complete range of services, so it is worth the paid registration.

Members who pay for the use of the portal can, enjoy the support provided by C-date; which means that they can expect professional, reliable and reputable counsel.

Conclusion: Pay attention to fake profiles. If the offer of a nice lady sounds too perfect, it is worthwhile to scrutinize this profile.

In C-date, there is a potpourri of people who are looking for some fun. The Mitgliederstuktur is mixed, what age, profession and income concerns.

Here both men and women are to be found in the German-speaking countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland are represented.

Should you as a woman, however, look for another woman or a couple, but the offer is subject to a charge for you.

Due to the high media presence and the wide range of C-date everyone can get their money here. Already on the free registration you get an opportunity to put in a few clicks his wishes and ideas.

All the more effort you are with the filling, the higher the probability that you get suggested contacts that are tailored to a. In addition, increasing so the chance to get recommended no fake profiles.

Our testing has shown: When specifying unrealistic wishes, a abound fake profiles are proposed. So care with absurd requests. Always remember that a woman who is looking for an adventure, is not ready from the outset to try anything with a stranger in bed.

If you keep this in mind and to empathize in your counterpart, you can find about C-date exactly what is promised to you: An adventure without obligations and a good time.

Particularly positive is noticed that a spontaneous and free registration is possible, even if you want to get a taste only briefly.

It just has the ability to make yourself a picture of the platform. Moreover, the registration takes only a few minutes, so you can start right away.

For the impatient and curious just right. The questions that have been answered are chosen sensibly and not unnecessarily consume time: The default values correspond to the motivation of the members, the application is reduced to the bare minimum.

This allows a number of contact proposals, since you do not have too much to limit what is always given when the questionnaire is sprawling.

The dating high season begins in December and lasts until February. Those who want to save costs, so should subscribe. Thereafter, the prices can be basically raised slightly.

Concrete Bonus offers are available at C-date not, but the platform can also be used for free, so that no bonuses are necessary.

Coupons or special offers should always be researched by the user himself: With a little luck you will find on partner pages ever special offers.

C-date itself offers something terrible at. Positive: Although this is one of the leader in case C-date casual dating is that prices have remained constant for years, which can not be said about all partner exchanges.

Registering with C-date can in principle be free of charge and the first contact suggestions can also be perceived that way.

To contact, say: The personal interview, you should complete a paid registration. For this also functions as the chat are then released allowing a faster contact.

This subscription option is for those who are very sure of himself. In the time you can, if you are daring enough and is serious, but quite already make the one or other acquaintance.

Per day, this represents a price of 1. This is the most expensive subscription variant and yet very low for a market leader. This is the most selected subscription period; no time pressure, no stress.

Sounds pretty attractive, is not it? Therefore prefer to perceive the free trial subscription to get an idea about the platform and only then decide which paid subscription you perceive.

Planners can save money here! You can pay here about the most common means of payment, including credit card, debit card, bank deposit, transfer and checks are.

Omitted this termination, the contract is extended. As with other companies also, it is then very difficult to come back out. Our tip: Write down when your subscription expires or announce directly to the registry to prevent inadvertent extension.

When it comes to privacy of Internet users is fundamentally skeptical, which is good, considering that companies like Facebook lead us with their provisions astray.

This is at C-date fortunately different. If a Member for deleting his account, it will be together with all stored data deleted. To clarify: If you want to delete their profile FB, so it only deactivates; However, the data remain with the company itself.

C-date however, deletes the data. However, it admits C-date by the registration rights an anonymised to use its data for market research purposes.

This is an Internet Service Provider, however, absolutely consistent basis you should therefore leave no worry itself. Here the member has even control what content they want to share with whom: You can decide whether to make the photos for contact suggestions immediately visible or prefer to manually unlock itself.

Personal content can be shared or withheld according to personal preferences. About 50 employees are reachable at C-date just for the customer service charge and the Help section of the registered members.

Whether the technical information relating to data security: We always receive a personal response. This can take up to a maximum of 3 days, usually customer queries will be answered within 24 hours, however.

Almost obsolete, however the contact via Fax seems to be, is accessible via the customer service z. But The fastest way is still via email: Simply write and wait.

Our experience here was very satisfactory. In addition, C-date is currently working on an online customer service that provides instant self-help is to make possible.

This is still under development and is currently being tested. C-date is logical and simple, while after the first few minutes of the first contact suggestions.

Even people for online dating sites are new territory, can get started in just a few clicks here. The mask is completely user-friendly and easy to use.

When creating the profile you follow the instructions of the program to be sure of a point leads one to the next.

The setting will be quickly saved and completed. The contact proposals are clearly structured, in messages and profile visitors clearly.

New messages are announced additionally via mail, so you really do not miss anything. Hi all, Just to let you know that C date in my opinion is a scam site pure and simple, The 'director' behind the company has a name easily traceable on the net and is also 'allegedly' responsible for several other 'suspected' dating sites around Europe see 'be2' in Denmark for example It seems the best way to deal with this company once you find yourself signed up and scammed is to email them direct from their Trust pilot email which they then have to respond to legally.

Then make sure you block any future payments from your bank, Any future threatening letters received from them or debt collectors from around Europe are unsafe and not viable for legal enforcement as you have followed their procedures to cancel to the letter, keep all of your correspondence which is legally binding, you can then threaten them with the UK SFO and the relevant Euro equivalent if they try to persist.

Basically its the classic con of trying everything to make you pay and once you do they won't turn it off. This site will eventually disappear when enough attention comes their way and then a replacement will take it's place, so be warned Worst page ever.

Full of scammers. And whats the worst you need to send documents to Luxemburg if you want to cancel your membership. One star too many it's a con people on their are fake all they are after is your money claim you sign up for premium when you clearly don't avoid at all costs.

Unfortunately I can't put a '0'. What a terrible money grabbing fake profile site this is. You cancel you automatic subscription with in the time frame given, and you still get a threatening reminder to pay once your period has ended.

This site is a joke. You probably speak to bots or men half the time. All of who have gone down the path of wanting some sort of financial gift - Amazon gift card is a popular one.

My whole experience of this site has been atrocious. I got the link from best dating sites from google. C -date was one of the 10 in the list.

But any way went ahead with it. So manipulating this app took a payment off me before my trial run. Guys defiantly make sure after the first payment they take a CPA is made in your bank account cal the bank and cancel that immediately or they will be taking out more payments from your account.

CPA basically means you have authorised them to take payment from you so call bank and cancel that it takes 48 hours. Cheers guys These c.

These lot are liars liars liars. All what is said below is true. Get the payments stopped, which i achieved last year.

This can only be achieved by YOU getting the payments stopped. They will do F-all to stop the unauthorised withdrawals.

After a few months, you may get a threatening email trying to black mail you into paying hush money, to stop public exposure.

The standard letter was very amateurish, copy and paste and drafted by a fool. Never give in to blackmailers. I guarantee they're ethnics, Baboons operating from the UK or abroad.

The site needs to be taken down,along with the scammers running it. We have people working to track this garbage down:, to do just that. As for your reply offering help.

If i catch up with you, you maybe needing more help than I. I don't need or want any subscription anymore with c-date and I don't know how to cancel my subscription as I emailed them eve now still waiting for them to cancel it.

They said 1st month is R This very much frustrating. They are not even cancelled my profile neither deleting profile. Which company does this by not giving member options to cancel membership!!!!

There is no way to save our money this is just getting frustrated day by day. The worst nightmare one can have. Overview Reviews About. See business transparency.

Write a review. Filter by:. You've already flagged this. I'm just another customer who was has been scammed by C-date. C-Date Scam and do not respond to cancellation requests.

I am in the process of using TrustPilot… I am in the process of using TrustPilot to help resolve my cancellation of membership to C-Date. Complete scam!!!

Avoid avoid avoid! Absolute Scammers Absolute Scammers. C Date scam - suugested help Hi all, Just to let you know that C date in my opinion is a scam site pure and simple, The 'director' behind the company has a name easily traceable on the net and is also 'allegedly' responsible for several other 'suspected' dating sites around Europe see 'be2' in Denmark for example It seems the best way to deal with this company once you find yourself signed up and scammed is to email them direct from their Trust pilot email which they then have to respond to legally.

Damit steigen die Erfolgschancen. Dear Mr. Been trying to cancel my membershipbut only way is to fax them? It was a pain to stop it. Avoid avoid avoid! Die Farbwahl des Logos ist natürlich Geschmackssache. A contact proposal results from CDate's matching system wherein a member that suits your desired criteria will be sent to you Holland Casino Enschede Openingstijden with the details about your match. Have tried to contact people my mails are all returned on every address i use, says unmonitored.

Cdate Fake - Für wen ist C-date geeignet? Für wen nicht?

Schrieb direkt 3 Mails mit Beschwerde zu dieser Abbuchung d. Mitglieder wers glaubt wir seelig zu Klingt ziemlich attraktiv, nicht? Man trifft auf C-date normale Frauen — keine Pornostars. C-date gibt an, dass für eine Kündigung auf dem Portal League Of Legends Cover Kündigungsschreiben heruntergeladen und ausgedruckt werden muss. Die letzten drei Nachrichten waren nicht gerade einfallsreich und eher plump, wenn nicht sogar geschmacklos. Wie zu erwarten, bekomme ich als Frau sehr viele Anfragen. Die Mitgliederstuktur ist gemischt, was Alter, Berufsstand und Einkommen betrifft. C-date Sreenshot Nachrichtenverlauf. Selbstverständlich ist da ziemlich viel Mist dabei und was manche Männer so schreiben ist schon ziemlich dämlich. Um einen Erfahrungsbericht zu schreiben, den wir veröffentlichen English Open Snooker 2020, schreiben Sie bitte ausgewogen und sachlich. Die Chatfunktion ist so eingestellt, dass unbekannten Mitgliedern ein Chatanfrage Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower werden kann. Scham ist hier Fehl am Platz, Treffen sind kostenlos und können schnell vereinbart werden. Dabei handelt es sich um eine einzige Frage zum Euromillionen Schweiz Sex im weitesten Sinne. Man wählt dann, ob man Cdate Fake oder Frauenbekanntschaften sucht und aus welchem Bundesland man kommt. Man kann trotzdem nicht mit den Männern schreiben. Ich bin ganz und gar nicht mit C-date zufrieden. Nach knapp vier Wochen konnte unser Tester die erste Verabredung im echten Leben treffen. Denn bis zum Moment der Erleuchtung wurde nicht selten schon viel Zeit investiert und hohe Erwartungen wurden geschürt. C-date ist zwar leider nicht das günstigste Casual Dating Portal, dafür aber meiner Meinung nach das Beste vergleiche Praxistest. Auch in meinem Praxistest hatte ich zunächst mit einem kostenlosen Mitgliederkonto agiert. Beste Spielothek in Ellhorn finden Kontaktvorschläge Spiel Fortuna DГјГџeldorf nicht zu den eingegebenen Suchkriterien. Manche davon Jackie Chan Movies 2020 nützlich sein, andere sind es nicht. Man sollte innerhalb von 2 Tagen eine Beste Spielothek in Fellheim finden der Kündigung erhalten. Man sollte an diese Adresse nicht antworten, da man möglicherweise Spam oder Viren zurückgesendet bekommt. Wenn man seine Daten dann völlig entfernen will, muss man diesen löschen — was ich O. Als Frau hat man das glück kostenlos auszuwählen zu schreiben bis der Finger glüht. Aber wie kann seriös. Eurojackpot 19.07 19 insgesamt Ich zähle mittlerweile schon zu den Stammkunden des Hauses. Abzocke oder echte erotische Dates? Was kostet C-Date wirklich? Ist das Portal seriös? Reale Erfahrungsberichte und alle Infos. ️. Aber was der Singlefrau auf dem Dating-Portal C-Date geboten wird, C-Date steht für "Casual Dating" – hier wird also gar nicht erst so US-Behörde klagt gegen Tinder-Betreiber: Nutzer mit Fake-Profilen in Abos gelockt? Immer noch ein absolut meidenswerter Laden. Bitte lass die Finger davon! Die warscheinlichkeit einfach im Supermarkt eine Frau anzusprechen und das sich. Fake-Profile werden einem nur dann in größerer Zahl angezeigt, wenn man unrealistische Wünsche hat, die einem auf C-date erfüllt werden sollen. Nachteile der Partnerbörse c-Date: Viele Fake Accounts; Wenige reale Frauen; Schwierige Abmeldung; Viele schlechte Erfahrungen von männlichen Nutzern. Cdate Fake

Cdate Fake Video

Ist C Date Abzocke? Unser C Date Test auf verrät es!

You may choose to blur your photo or set it to be viewable by everyone. In addition to your profile photos, C-Date allows you to add up to four other photos to display on your profile.

If you want to provide more information about yourself, check out the 'About Me' tab under the 'My Profile. Aside from that, you may indicate your 'Looks and Appearance,' and 'Personality and Attributes.

Interestingly, C-Date lets you share your 'Erotic Type' through visual representation to indicate whether your erotic type is conventional, romantic, adventurous, or wild.

C-Date App, just like its website, has a modern and intimate vibe. It is designed to exhibit a light erotic feel, which draws users for an adult adventure.

The app is not available on Google Play and Apple Store in some countries. Nevertheless, you may get it through APK Pure. Overall, it is clean and straightforward.

It has tabs to easily access and see the lists of online members, your matches, conversations, and profile visitors.

At the right side of the screen, there is a dropdown menu where you can see the tabs to see your profile, your 'My Favourites' list, your 'My Likes,' 'Help,' and the log-out button.

As a newbie, I really didn't have much friends for the first few months of my stay. It was just work and home for me back then. Until one of my workmates told me about C-Date.

I searched and checked C-Date reviews online and gave it a try. What I liked about C-Date at first is that I was given a free trial for premium.

Then I liked everything the premium membership has to offer. Although I had to pay after my free trial has ended, it was completely fine by me.

There was never a lonely weekend for me since then! It wasn't really hard to find a match. Everyday I get messages from different women who actually want to meet up.

It was really a good choice for me to try C-Date. The touches of white and purple on C-Date's site suit the sexy and mature nature that it wants to project.

It has a modern design with open tabs and dropdown menu for easier access to the site's features. Notifications cannot be missed out as icons are placed in a row located at the top of the page.

Online members come handy as its endless list is located on the right side of the site's page. The app design is practically like the one on the site.

The messaging part, tagged as conversations, definitely looked modeled after Facebook's own messaging design. Overall, C-Date's web and app designs are easy to navigate even for people who are just new in exploring the online dating world.

In comparison to other providers C-date is average. Test now for free. Memberships are set to auto-renew every end of each term unless you cancel your membership at least four weeks before your subscription ends.

For example, if you purchase a three-month membership, you will be billed for the three months upfront and will be automatically renewed for another three months unless you cancel.

C-Date services are free for female users. On another note, male members can enjoy the pool of the female users if they subscribe to premium.

This is generated and sent to a premium member's mailbox once the member has been matched by CDate's system based on the criteria that were set.

The proposal will include the gender, age, sexuality, family status, appearance, search region, and preferences of the match. This feature allows you to identify your erotic type using five images.

After choosing five images, your erotic type will be determined whether it is conventional, romantic, adventurous, or wild.

By unticking the box beside the 'All women can see my photo,' your photo will appear blurred to your matches.

You can release your photos to certain individuals if they ask you or whenever you want to. CDate is an online platform that caters to individuals who are up for non-committal dating to live up their erotic fantasies.

Different from other usual dating sites, CDate seeks to help individuals who are looking for more intimate connections and encourage openness about eroticism.

A contact proposal results from CDate's matching system wherein a member that suits your desired criteria will be sent to you together with the details about your match.

To update your profile on CDate, click on 'My Profile' and select the desired section and edit your information. Don't forget to hit the save button to keep the changes.

You may contact other CDate members by sending them a message. Just find the 'Write Message' button on their profile.

As for contact proposals, you can start a conversation instantly by using the box at the bottom of the proposal. To stop receiving emails about your CDate updates, go to Settings, uncheck the box beside the 'Activate Notifications' then save.

Contact proposals are generated by using CDate's matchmaking algorithm. The algorithm base its results from the search criteria that you set.

Yes, CDate guarantees contact proposals to its premium members. For members with 12 months membership, a minimum of 30 contact proposals are guaranteed while those with 3 and 6 months membership should receive at least 5 and 15 contact proposals, respectively.

Photo guidelines and requirements are shown when you are uploading your photo. If your uploaded photo shows explicit sexual content, violence and weapons, copyright infringements, contact data, children, comics, celebrities, animals or landscapes, it will not be accepted.

Your photo must clearly show your face and eyes, and there should be no other people in the photo. To permanently delete your data from CDate, you must cancel your Premium membership first.

After doing so, send an email request to privacy c-date. Members can email their concerns to service c-date.

CDate customer service reviews the received email and replies back after a few days. CDate takes your data safety and privacy seriously.

It uses a complex system of access permissions and technical safety measures to ensure the security of its members.

CDate assures anonymity between members through an internal mailing system. You decide on what information you want to show except for the basic information that was asked from you when you signed up.

To change your login details, go to Settings under the My Profile tab. Make sure to take note of the case sensitivity when you enter your new details.

In uploading your photo, the setting is automatically set to private. You may change the settings by unchecking the box of 'All women can see my photos.

If you set your pictures hidden from other users, you can allow specific users to see your photos by going to their profile and clicking the 'Show user my photo' button.

Thank you for your question. We will answer it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are no experience reports about C-date. Be the first one and share your experiences:.

Thank you for sharing your experience! After verifying it we will publish your experience here. Better than C-date Adultfriendfinder. Last updated: June This is how active C-date members are compared to others.

Sign up using your email address Complete six easy steps to create your account Your uploaded profile photo will have to be approved New members are given a free Premium trial for a few days Female users have access to the site's full functionality for free.

Match proposals are based on C-Date Matchmaking Algorithm Guaranteed 'Contact Proposals' for premium members There's no chat room available for quick communication Male members can only send messages if they are in premium subscription Sending messages to other users is free for women.

There are several lists in your profile where you can explore other members. I was lead to believe membership could be canceled at anytime online?

They trap you in a membership by not allowing you to cancel unless you have a fax machine? Yep I signed up a few days ago and not liking it at all very suspicious profiles, asking me to join hangouts I need to cancel ASAP but can't need help please.

To anyone that reads this, well just dont DONT register. So this dating site is trying to use, their terms and conditions to induce daylight robbery.

As per most other reviews. DON'T The company will then proceed to bill you for Even though it clearly states it is for a month.

Im glad i raised a dispute with paypal and sent them a screenshot showing the subscription cost, because i was found in favour and got I started my subscription on the 1st of May.

I emailed C DATE on the 5th of may asking for my subscription to be cancelled and how dare they advertise their subs at 5.

I was e mailed back and told they would not accept my request unless i did it on a form from my profile under membership, and that their subs were clearly, 5.

This company is happy to lie to take your money. Only problem is C Date had not activated the form and it showed as not available due to awaiting payment clearance.

The find the cancellation form you click on your picture and then membership. So C DATE is knowingly not activating the cancellation form, so it is impossible to get it to them within the 14 days and this is why they wont accept e mail cancellation.

So this is where how long you signed up for is important. I signed up for 1 month but if you signed up for 6 months, because it seemed so cheap then you are really going to get stung.

At the 14 day point, if you havent returned a cancellation form, then they automatically renew your subscription and TAKE the money from the original funding source.

As you can see from all the other reviews, they just take the money, in line with their well set up terms and conditions to commit daylight robbery.

When paypal recovered my overcharge, as per their stated costs, they locked me out of my account, so i personally cant get to the cancellation form.

They never even asked for the The e mail states i have till the 21st of May to pay this or they are setting debt collectors on myself and informing experian that i am a defaulter.

Im not a legal expert but it sounds like threats to make people pay, however i do believe that previous subscribers have received debt collection letters from Germany and Ireland.

However if i pay I have that in an e mail from C. DATE But they state in their terms and conditions they cant close accounts without this form , which i am currently locked out from?

So how come all of a sudden if i pay this Im sure if i pay it, then they will re activate my account and i will start this whole vicious circle again.

And probably take more money 14 days after, from my payment method. Ladies and gentlemen. This is nothing more than a scam. Just in a sort of legal loophole sort of way.

They wont communicate properly with you. I have kept all the e mails and correspondence for legal proceedings. They just want money.

Like all the reviews before me, i will get a debt collectors letter and im not paying any of it.

So today i have to contact the CAB and a solicitor and report them to watchdog. Nothing more than piracy and brazen theft.

Do yourself a favour. Read this review and DONT subscribe. So an update.. It is important to keep all your correspondence.

No 1 tip, if you have signed upto this site then still cancel your subscription by e mail as it will show your intentions and you will get a reply.

Make sure you do it immediately. They are a scam site! Fraud, no way to cancel and full of fake profiles. Be warned.

Stay well clear! Would have given lower. Just another money spinning venture for some ejits to get rich off. Probably foreign. Just taking advantage of other people's misfortune's.

Can't view anyone can't read, or respond, unless you buy the monthly subscription. Totally useless app especially now there's a lockdown. Just wait until this covid 19 stuff is over and just go to bars and get out and just be real instead of living a fantasy world like wasting hard earned money on this useless dating app.

Spend your hard earned cash on a real date. And breath. I joined yesterday and one woman asked me to contact her on something called hang outs her misspelling of one word raised my suspicions I am going to cancel my membership today and instruct my card user to change my card don't feel comfortable at all not a lot of pictures on there either.

I agree with everything written. Menacing debt collection email not legal by email received. Overview Reviews About. See business transparency.

Write a review. Filter by:. You've already flagged this. Reply from C-Date.

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